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How to Prevent Indoor Air Quality Problems

The increase in air pollution day by day is our sad reality. We do not have enough control over the outside air quality. Fortunately, we can exert control over the indoor air quality of our homes and buildings. It is all-important to take precautions due to the rise of respiratory diseases. Minimizing the air pollution indoors will be of great benefit to our health. Better air quality drastically improves our quality of life. The saying of getting fresh air to clear one’s head emphasizes good quality air. Which sadly is more of a wish than a reality in urban areas. So why not have your indoor air be your source of fresh air!
The preventative measures that are listed below are not the whole exhaustive list but a good start.

Ventilating the home and buildings should be the main priority. Having decent airflow throughout the residence allows many harmful pollutes to dissipate outside instead of accumulating indoors. Make sure to have working exhausts inside the kitchen, especially over gas stoves and in washrooms. People who are into arts and crafts should engage in these activities only in extremely well-ventilated areas.

Clean often
The cleaner the house is, the cleaner the air will be. First and foremost, clean the floors and dust often. The air quality is dependent on this factor. Thus also preventing the accumulation of allergens in the air.

Remove shoes
Removing the shoes before entering the house is a tradition around several parts of the world. This tradition exists for good reason as it keeps the outside dirt from our shoes from contaminating our indoor environment. You can notice a change right away after putting this habit into practice. The house will be substantially cleaner and the air inside fresher.

Use Floor mats
There is a benefit to having floor mats around, especially in front of all entrances; it will trap the dirt and debris, stopping the air from being polluted by the dirt dragged in by shoes. This small additional furnishing will make a big difference.

Minimize carpeting
Carpets have long been known to be a breeding site for all sorts of microorganisms and accumulating dust like no other. It is generally a health hazard, especially if not cleaned often. That is why it is better to have less carpeting in the house. Homes without carpeting always have much better air quality.

Avoid smoking
Smoking is hazardous to not only the smoker’s health, but it puts people in their vicinity at risk too. You should avoid smoking inside the home as it’s harmful and pollutes the air substantially. It is proven to cause cancer, and risking your health by allowing the pollutants to contaminate your indoor air quality is just bad news.

Eliminate odors
Covering up odors with air fresheners is contaminating the air even more. Use air fresheners sparingly. Also, use scented candles with extreme care and ventilation. Instead of covering up unpleasant smells, try to eliminate them instead. One way is through ventilation. Another method is using baking soda.

Pest Prevention
Pest prevention is imperative for eliminating the pollution inside homes as they carry so many contaminants. Make sure the house or building is properly sealed at all times, stopping them from getting in. Call pest control if required and make sure to have food not be left out in the open.

Groom pets
Pets dander is a pretty big indoor air contaminate. Grooming pets often, especially ones that shed a lot of their fur, will help to minimize it.

Carbon monoxide detectors

Carbon monoxide detectors should be in every house. They will inform you if the levels of carbon monoxide are rising quickly. Change the detector’s battery often and make sure they are in working condition. It is necessary for both the air quality as well as safety.

Check radon levels

Monitor your radon levels, and if they are high, lower them using crawl space ventilation.

Invest in air cleaners
A hands-off way to have your indoor air be as clean as possible is by buying air cleaners that come in a large variety. They can be inexpensive or higher, whichever one suits your budget. Its percentage efficiency rate will determine how well it does its job.

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