How to Replace Air Conditioner Filters

Keeping the indoor air quality as clean as possible is a necessity. Since at times it can be even more heavily polluted than the outdoor air. Improved air quality means a better quality of life. Also, the rise of COVID-19 resulted in more respiratory problems. Hence it is more important than ever to limit indoor air pollution!

Air conditioner filters are one of the most hard-working parts of your HVAC unit. They are responsible for your air quality and determining your energy bill. Due to their more frequent need to be replaced or, for reusable filters cleaned, there is no need to call a professional. It is an easy job, done on your own. It is imperative to know the exact process of how to go about the task. This guide will help to explain the ins and outs of replacing the air conditioner filters. Once you know what you are doing, it will be a simple task that will barely take ten to fifteen minutes out of your day.

How often should the filter be replaced?
The first thing to get out of the way is figuring out exactly when to replace the filter. It would be counterproductive to change it before its time and harmful to change it late. Usually, the main recommendation is to check the filter every month. If it is undeniably past its prime, then it is time to remove it. Most filters, on average, usually last about three months.
Filters need the most upkeep in hotter seasons as they are overused then. Your location and the amount of dust in the area is another factor to consider. The filter should be changed even more frequently if the building or home has individuals with respiratory-related health issues.

Best Replacement Filter
An important fact to be aware of is that there is a whole wide variety of AC filters. From their functionality to their different dimensions. Knowing the exact size, measurements of the filter your HVAC uses will save the back and forth between stores. The filter size can be easily spotted printed on your current filter. There are slight variations in brands too. One other difference in filters is their filtration grade or MERV. Check your unit’s manufacturer manual to be aware of exactly which AC filters are the ideal fit. During your bi-annual professional maintenance checks, you could also ask technicians for advice if you plan on upgrading your filter grade to at least MERV-13 as it can even catch viruses.

The step-wise guide of replacing air conditioner filters
For your safety, make sure to wear gloves and a mask before starting the process. Another safety precaution is turning off the power and waiting for the system to cool down before starting the rest of the process. This step keeps your equipment safe, preventing it from being contaminated by the debris from the filter if left on during removal.

Afterwhich locate where the filter is. Most HVAC units have the area marked as a filter or, you could look at the unit’s manual. After you remove the panel, which depending on your unit, may require screwdrivers to remove fasteners. It is time to take out the filter by reaching in and pulling. It should easily slide out.

Now inspect its condition, look for color changes and observe whether it is still in usable condition. If yes, place it back! If not, it is time to either start cleaning the filter if it is a reusable one. The cleaning can be done by following the filters instruction manual. If it is a disposable filter, dispose of it properly by placing it carefully in a trash bag and replacing it with a brand new one.

Make sure when inserting in the new filter you are keeping it correctly oriented. Check to see it fits snugly and double-check that there are no gaps. Finally, replace it with the panel. Your job is complete. All you have to do now is pat yourself on the back and turn the power on again.

Some additional points to keep in mind are to make sure you write down the date when you replaced the AC filters, so you know when the next replacement should occur. Better yet, have alarms set in place as it is one of the best savings on the maintenance of your HVAC unit.

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